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9. Best Friend
Dear Best Friend,
I’m writing this letter to you because I must tell you something. Something about the way I refer to you. I’m talking about the whole ‘Best Friend’ thingy.
You were not there when I needed help. You were not there when I cried. You were not there when I got hurt. And if you were, you didn’t care too much. But you didn’t hurt me, like the others did. And sometimes, if you were feeling kind enough, you approached by when I was being bullied, and make them go away. Nevertheless, you have never actually cared about me. Did you? You just are a human being who sometimes is annoyed by violence. You didn’t put me aside if I searched comfort in your company. However, neither you asked me how I was doing, or mind about me or my life. I guess you’ve never been my friend, let alone a true one. Yeah, deep in my heart I knew I couldn’t call you a ‘good friend’. Still, you were the best I had, so ‘Best Friend
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5. Immature Vendetta
How did he dare to ask her if she wanted to be his princess? How did she dare to say yes? Just how? It was not fair. It was truly unfair. She had to be his princess. Now she was playing with him, calling him ‘brave knight’. He even kissed her in the cheek. How did he dare? It was time to do something. Something to get the princess back. Something to show her that ‘his knight’ wasn’t a good one.
The ‘knight’ had a happy smile in his face while doing something with a red cardboard. That smile bothered him. Why so happy? Sure, he had the princess. It would be easy to be happy with her. She was so beautiful and nice. She was just like a real princess. He wanted to be her knight. The real knight, not like the fake one she called ‘brave’. The ‘knight’ stood up and ran towards her princess. He told her something while smiling and doing gestures towards his table. That red cardboard… Was it a gift? No. Impossible. H
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Oc's/ Alter Ego by LonelyShine Oc's/ Alter Ego :iconlonelyshine:LonelyShine 4 3 Wings.... by Rafaelll90 Wings.... :iconrafaelll90:Rafaelll90 62 10
I couldn't go on the way you wanted.....the tide turned and the correspondence dropped off from you.......I still think you are the most amazing person I have ever met. If you ever need a friend  I would always be here fro you.....Caylee H. xxxxxxxxx




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